Friday, October 22, 2004

Windows vs. Linux Security !!! - The Real Facts

I read this article on slashdot . The author Nicholas Petreley compares the security procedures implemented in windows and Linux. (

Microsoft feeling heat from the penguin !!!

I've just read this page ( on the linux insider site which exposes the current status of Microsoft.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Dual Boot Problems with Fedora Core 2 and Windows 2000/XP

I have read many complaints regarding the dual boot problem with Fedora Core 2 and Windows XP/2000. Below is the procedure for resolving the dual boot problem.

1. Install Windows first.

2. Install FC 2 and place boot loader into /dev/hda3 (for example).

3. Enforce LBA32 ( just in case your boot loader partition is above 32 GB from the beginning of the hard drive)

4. Complete FC 2 install.

5. Load again from first CD from FC2 distribution set.

6. At "linux" prompt type:

linux rescue

7. When getting root prompt issue:

# chroot /mnt/sysimage

# cd /tmp

# df –k (just to make sure you are in right environment)

# dd if=/dev/hda7 of=linux.bin bs=512 count=1

Insert MS-DOS formatted floppy into the drive

# mcopy linux.bin a:

# ^D

8. Boot into Windows.

9. Get to the command prompt, and enter this:

copy  a:\linux.bin   c:

10. Add line to boot.ini:

C:\linix.bin=" Red Hat Fedora Core 2" 

11. Reboot machine and choose "Red Hat Fedora Core 2" from boot.ini menu, which will cause "NTLDR" to load first 512 kb from FC2 boot partition.

12. Select from Grub Menu desired kernel and press “Enter”

Monday, October 18, 2004

Knoppix 3.6 - A Review !!!

Knoppix 3.6 can be automatically optimised and customized for any application . Great auto-detection,and performance are the significant features of this distro.I got knoppix when i bought the October month's issue of LINUX FOR YOU mag.I immediately installed it. I was really amazed by the installation process.The Hardware auto detection mechanism was absolutely awesome.Almost everything just worked out-of-the-box,so to speak.

Booting up
The installation took about half an hour to forty- five minutes. Starting off at the boot screen,it was nice to have a choice of booting either with the kernel 2.4.27 kernel or the 2.6.7 kernel. I selected the 2.6.7 Kernel first and found it to be faster in booting than the 2.4.27. After it had booted up the thing that struck me was to know how much software has been included.Nearly 2000 MB of software is available with Knoppix. Knoppix 3.6 release features KDE 3.2.3 which is truly awesome.

The next step was to test all my devices to see whether they were functioning.There were no problems at all. It detected the video and sound card perfectly.I tested both thoroughly and they performed very well.
Knoppix also mounted all of my hard drive file systems/partitions with the correct permissions.It detected my Combo ,CD-ROM and floppy Drive correctly.

i decided to give the software section a shot. There is a collection of servers under the menus for SSHD,FTPd,SAMBA,NXetc.i then decided to play a mp3 song using xmms and no wonder it played perfectly without prompting me to download the mp3 plugin from some site unlike in Fedora/Redhat.i was very happy about that . i was a bit disappointed not to see mplayer but Xine has been included so i fired that up.It played almost all of the movie formats that i fed into.
K3B, the CD/DVD burning software has been included and it detected my CD-RW . No worries !!!. Other packages that has been included are Mozilla 1.7(Firefox would have been a better choice), 1.1.2,XFCE (an other Desktop environment),Gaim,Xchat and the list goes on.....

Though Knoppix has the name LIVE CD it can be used as a permanent solutiong for an Operating System.Knoppix can be used as a demonstration environment to those who are unfamiliar with Linux.Knoppix is a complete,portable and highly functional operating system with many useful applications.