Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Dual Boot Problems with Fedora Core 2 and Windows 2000/XP

I have read many complaints regarding the dual boot problem with Fedora Core 2 and Windows XP/2000. Below is the procedure for resolving the dual boot problem.

1. Install Windows first.

2. Install FC 2 and place boot loader into /dev/hda3 (for example).

3. Enforce LBA32 ( just in case your boot loader partition is above 32 GB from the beginning of the hard drive)

4. Complete FC 2 install.

5. Load again from first CD from FC2 distribution set.

6. At "linux" prompt type:

linux rescue

7. When getting root prompt issue:

# chroot /mnt/sysimage

# cd /tmp

# df –k (just to make sure you are in right environment)

# dd if=/dev/hda7 of=linux.bin bs=512 count=1

Insert MS-DOS formatted floppy into the drive

# mcopy linux.bin a:

# ^D

8. Boot into Windows.

9. Get to the command prompt, and enter this:

copy  a:\linux.bin   c:

10. Add line to boot.ini:

C:\linix.bin=" Red Hat Fedora Core 2" 

11. Reboot machine and choose "Red Hat Fedora Core 2" from boot.ini menu, which will cause "NTLDR" to load first 512 kb from FC2 boot partition.

12. Select from Grub Menu desired kernel and press “Enter”


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